Thursday, July 19, 2007

Heard Late at Night

On Letterman, Monday July 16:
Top Ten Things I'd Rather Be Doing Right Now:
2. Enjoying a chuckle over Jay's "Headlines"

Dave zipped through that one, not even waiting for the audience to react.

On Leno, same night.
Bill Maher: "Whoever is gonna win [the Democratic nomination] has to come from the South. You have to be able to pronounce all the e's in 'shit'."
[Audience laugh, some grumble]
Maher: "Sorry, I had to say that."
Leno: "No,i t's ok. They like edgy."
Maher: "That's edgy?"

Yessir. For Leno and his minions, it's the Hattori Hanzo in the arsenal of wit.

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