Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter and the what else is there to talk about.

Saw the Harry Potter flick which has been getting raves especially from fans of the book. It stayed faithful and true, covered everything important, and took the franchise to "another level," they all gush. For me though, one of twelve people in the world who haven't read the book, it was a far, far less magical experience.

For a movie, it had absolutely zero high point. Nothing to make you sit up or jolt you out of stupor. No quidditch, no money shots, no spectacle of evil-thwarting wizardry in the end. In short, nothing to grab me and my attention with.

It also had zero tolerance for people who didn't do the assigned reading. Characters like Dumbledore and Sirius were popping in and out of nowhere. Some like the House Elf would say things with no later consequence. People and creatures did stuff, behaved, reacted a certain way and damned if the movie would give so much as a hint why. You were supposed to know.

But, it also had Imelda Staunton whose performance was worth the price of admission in my book. One of the best performances -- in any movie -- this year. Those who read the book weren't so keen on her though. She wasn't "froggy"-looking enough. Wha? I really ought to read more.

On that note, I reserved my copy of the final book at National Bookstore today. I was a very early adapter with the first book. In fact, got my copy even before National started selling them. But I stopped reading midway through the third book and never bought the later ones since. About the same time the movies started coming out. I figured I'd let the cinematic versions surprise me. But I'll be buying and reading the last one -- for the social and historical significance of the thing, if nothing else. Heck I'm even thinking of crashing the 7am store opening on Saturday. Stay tuned for pictures.

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