Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Gone

Posted this on Chico Garcia's blog. The Top Ten topic was the Most Memorable Summer.

"I was supposed to send an entry when this was airing, but the show ended before I could.

"All these happened in a span of 36 hours in Anilao, Batangas one summer in the early 90s:

"From our beach resort, we decided to go to Sombrero Island and on the boat ride there, about half a dozen dolphins swam side by side with our speeding boat, leaping in and out of the water just a few feet away from us. This went on for about 5 minutes or so until they disappeared underwater.

"When we got to Sombrero, we had the whole island to ourselves and it felt like we were the only living humans on earth sitting on an island that was just one big rock jutting out of the open sea.

"When we got back to the resort there were people gathered around an unconscious man in a wet suit while another man was trying to revive him. It turned out he was a diver who had "shot up" and was recovered by his friends just behind Sombrero Island right before we got there. Still unconscious and not breathing, he was loaded up behind a pick-up and brought to the hospital. We learned that night that he didn't make it.

"On our way back home to Manila the next day, we stopped by the Batangas Pier. We noticed a smallish ship that looked foreign so we walked over the docks. The ship turned out to be The Calypso. Yep, the very same Calypso which carried Jacques Cousteau to his ocean adventures in those documentaries we saw on Channel 9 when we were kids. We couldn't believe it. The people on the ship saw us and invited us to come on board. Jacques wasn't there but his son was and we were given the grand tour. They even let all of us in the bridge and run our fingers over the controls while the crew spoke English with a French accent. When we left they heartily shook our hands and seemed genuinely thrilled by our being there as much as we were.

"A surreal ending to a surreal weekend. And none of us brought a camera."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pinoy in the News Alert: Maynard de la Cruz

News from Sacramento, CA.

Golf clubs are stolen. Three hours later they're on Craigslist -- the local Cragslist of the very place where the they were stolen. TaylorMade R7 irons and driver for $120.00.

Dumb thief + Pinoy victim = Say hello to your cellmate Bruce and his own Big Bertha.

Click on screen caps to view video.

Can a name get any more Pinoy than that. Ayos ka 'pre!!! Way to go! Saludo kami!

View the Craigslist ad here.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If you have porn in your hard drive...

Looks like hurling your harddisk down to earth in a fiery mass of steel is no guarantee your filthy little secrets won't be revealed.

"Data from Columbia disk drives survived the shuttle accident"

Story says 99% of the data was recovered. 99%!!! I can't even recover that email I was typing on Yahoo when my browser crashed.


Monday, May 12, 2008

The X-Files : I Want to Watch...ahead of everyone else.

Posted about the X-Files Movie a while back. A few weeks ago, the rather underwhelming title was announced: "The X-Files: I Want To Believe." Today, the debut trailer came out here in HD. (After the trailer comes an interview with the creators so you might want to stay on the link and have it automatically load.)

Opens July 25 in the US. Click here for the International Release Dates. It turns out our Dear Motherland is the first in the Far East to screen it. Ahead of all our neighbors who trump us on just about everything else -- except in The Field of Cool, of course. That, we rule. Here's the list sorted chronologically.

BAHRAIN 7/23/2008
EGYPT 7/23/2008
JAMAICA 7/23/2008
JORDAN 7/23/2008
OMAN 7/23/2008
TRINIDAD 7/23/2008
ARGENTINA 7/24/2008
AUSTRALIA 7/24/2008
CHILE 7/24/2008
GERMANY 7/24/2008
GREECE 7/24/2008
HUNGARY 7/24/2008
ISRAEL 7/24/2008
KUWAIT 7/24/2008
LEBANON 7/24/2008
PUERTO RICO 7/24/2008
QATAR 7/24/2008
RUSSIA 7/24/2008
SLOVENIA 7/24/2008
AUSTRIA 7/25/2008
BRAZIL 7/25/2008
COLOMBIA 7/25/2008
ECUADOR 7/25/2008
ESTONIA 7/25/2008
HOME OFFICE ULT. 7/25/2008
ICELAND 7/25/2008
INDIA 7/25/2008
LATVIA 7/25/2008
LITHUANIA 7/25/2008
MEXICO 7/25/2008
POLAND 7/25/2008
SPAIN 7/25/2008
TURKEY 7/25/2008
U.S. COSTS 7/25/2008
UKRAINE 7/25/2008
URUGUAY 7/25/2008
TAIWAN 7/26/2008
BELGIUM 7/30/2008
FRANCE 7/30/2008
INDONESIA 7/30/2008
BOLIVIA 7/31/2008
CROATIA 7/31/2008
HONG KONG 7/31/2008
MALAYSIA 7/31/2008
NEW ZEALAND 7/31/2008
SINGAPORE 7/31/2008
THAILAND 7/31/2008
DENMARK 8/1/2008
FINLAND 8/1/2008
UK 8/1/2008
HOLLAND 8/7/2008
PERU 8/7/2008
PORTUGAL 8/7/2008
BULGARIA 8/8/2008
NORWAY 8/8/2008
SWEDEN 8/8/2008
SOUTH AFRICA 8/15/2008
ITALY 8/22/2008
VENEZUELA 8/29/2008
ROMANIA 9/5/2008
SOUTH KOREA 9/11/2008
JAPAN 11/8/2008

Japan = rotten tamago.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Josef Fritzl Photo Album

Everybody knows this guy by now.

"Incest Dad, Horror Father"

"Flossing for the Ladies on Thai Beach"

"Loving the 'razzi at Comedy Central Shindig"

"Doted on by Eldest Son
Who Escaped from Dungeon in 1990"


Friday, May 02, 2008

Have you seen Tokyo Tokyo's April Fool's Menu?

Tokyo Tokyo, SM MegaMall
April 14, 2008

Squid Ika Fry. Mmmmm...

"Sir, se-serve na lang po."

4 minutes later...

What da...?!!?

To be fair, the pic did say it would be served
in a red, plastic, rectangular compartment dish...


Might be of interest: