Sunday, January 06, 2008

In my email: U23D

The website says: "'U23D' will be exhibited in many of the 1,200+ theaters around the world equipped with digital 3D projection systems, and will also be seen in IMAX 3D cinemas, which are located in 38 countries."

Premiering in Sundance January 19 and opening in select cities January 23, 2008. The Philippines has exactly one digital theater and one IMAX theater, both 3D equipped. As Letterman would say, Just pray to God our city is selected.

Update 20 January 08: U23D opens at Sundance.


Friday, January 04, 2008

Henry and Terri come in last in Amazing Race Asia

Fortunately for them it wasn't an elimination stop and the penalty was nothing more than forced bankruptcy. This meant they would start the race next morning with nothing but their backpacks, the clothes on their backs, and Terri's arsenal of histrionics, which was in full display in the endgame of this leg. (It was so bad that Henry, that mean-looking bruddah of a husband, was reduced to near-bawl just talking about it in the recap interview.)

So they will have to beg for money in South Korea -- source of the single largest expat community in the Philippines and home to countless Filipino OFWs. Hmmm. I say all they need to do is keep that baseball cap with the Philippine flag on at all times and they'll never be far from the kindness of familiar strangers.

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