Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hamster Update


The Roborovskis surprised us today with three pink, squirmy, throbbing little ones. They were so tiny and fleshy looking, they looked like a perfect feast for any predator -- or even mom and dad themselves. In fact I thought I saw the dad having a go at one of them. He just picked a pup up and ran off to a corner while the mom was elsewhere doing godknowswhat. When she came back and found she had less of a litter than before, she ran to where dad was, jumped on him and snatched the little one. An animated struggle ensued. For a while I thought they were trying to rip the baby apart. The mom won out and took the baby back to the nest without a scratch.

We were thinking these pups would eventually end up either abandoned or eaten for dinner. But a few hours later, mom's instincts kicked in and she started nursing.

I think dad on the other hand has been banished and is keeping to himself in the upstairs level -- with a beer in one paw and the tv remote in the other I imagine.

So far so good. Time to Google "Roborovski Hamster Babies" to get some idea what's in store for us the next few weeks. And then eBay, see what these babies are going for ha ha ha.

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