Monday, July 30, 2007

Baby Hamster Update

Day 10. These puppies are growing like anything. A sheen of fur covers their bodies. Their eyes are pronounced but still unopen, which doesn't stop them from moving about. Roborovskis are a small breed; adults are a mere three inches long so these pups may well be the tiniest baby mammals we'll ever see first hand. They yellow object near one of the pups' rump is a corn kernel.

Closer look at the pups with mom. Dad still in exile keeping to himself in the tubes and rarely venturing on the factory floor. Pups still suckle every chance they get.

~ o 0 o ~

Day 15. Five days later and the pups own the place. Their slit-for-eyes are a bit open, their ears very defined. They're nibbling seeds and pellets, or trying to. One of them is even climbing up the tubes (see his shadow faintly inside the tube on top right as the clip ends). Time to buy some hamster real estate and some kind of water dispensing device for the pups. Can't have them swimming in a dish and catching pneumonia or drowning. Hamster CPR is tricky I hear.

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