Monday, June 09, 2008

Stuff Happens

Like those X-files events that happened in clumps a few weeks back, things have been popping out again in a sort of organized randomness.

Last Monday a friend was telling us she took her 4yo daughter to the Lea Salonga concert a few nights before and how the little girl wept on hearing her mostest favorite song "Reflections" (Mulan) live with full orchestra. I thought to myself the last time I heard that song was ten-odd years ago and only in parts. Two days later on Wednesday, that song was played on the Morning Rush on RX and I caught it from start to finish. Two days later on Friday at the mall, what would the MagicSing demo girl be semi-belting as we passed by but that very same song. With feeeeling. We were too freaked out to stop and watch.

Last Saturday night, we saw a bar near Dampa in Paranaque boldly named "Titty Twister". I thought to myself, Where the hell did that name come from and how did it get past City Hall? Twenty-four hours later while clicking through channels, I paused when I saw a greasy Cheech Marin talking to somebody off-cam. Turned out he was talking to a greasier George Clooney and an out-of-breath Juliette Lewis. Behind them, a smoldering structure with the name big and bold on top: "Titty Twister".

Cue Twilight Zone music here.

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