Tuesday, June 10, 2008

QFT: 3G iPhone by Globe

Update 08-08-2008: Globe says 3G iPhone to launch locally on August 22, 2008. Posted an entry here.

Apple just announced the launch of a dirt cheap 3G iPhone in July. Note Mr. Job's pledge about the price being "the same across many countries."

The lucky 22 countries apparently include our very own, with Globe making its own announcement just a few hours after Apple's, quoting no less than Apple COO Tim Cook.

I'm perfectly fine with Globe's non-committal "later this year" launch date in contrast to Apple's very firm July 11. It's the commitment to the $199 (PhP8000+ !!!) price tag I'd rather hold them to.

clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

The cheapest 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for $199, while a second model with 16GB of storage will sell for $299.

Mr Jobs pledged that the $199 price would be the same across many countries.

34 iPhone
The 3G iPhone will be released on 11 July

The new iPhones will be launched on 11 July in 22 countries, including the UK.

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