Saturday, August 09, 2008

Globe 3G iPhone Launch: August 22

Little Boy + cell phone = blocked SIM card.

I call Globe for the PUK and the automated menu happily announces the iPhone's local launch on August 22. I press 1 and a service rep called Paula walks me through the different iPhone plans on offer. A few minutes later I'm making a reservation for a 16GB iPhone under a P1200 GFlex plan with a cash-out north of P20,000. I can hear the clock ticking down to D-day.

I hang up, see the Little Boy standing in the corner, and call Globe again for the PUK.

Get the details yourself and make no reservations about making a reservation even if -- like me -- you've no idea where to get that kind of cash-out cash. Call Globe's 24-hr help line: 211 toll-free from your Globe cell or 730-1000 from any landline.

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