Friday, March 07, 2008

My bank is evil.

The Bank of Commerce branch in my building needs to be razed to the ground and sprinkled with holy water to banish the evil spirits that possess it.

There are four booths but there is only one teller on duty most of the time. Two on paydays.

We never got passbooks with our ATM account and they stopped sending out bank statements in 2003.

If I need to know my balance it will cost me P2.00 by phone. Or I can use the lone ATM (if it's online, that is) and etch the numbers in memory because printed receipts went out of fashion years ago as well.

If I want to get my hands on my money, I have to get it there. Using another bank's ATM will cost me P11.00 a pop. And in all of Metro Manila, I know of only one other Bank of Commerce ATM booth apart from the one in my building.

So this bank's ineptitude leaves us no choice but to use the phone or other banks' ATMs for basic transactions like balance inquiry and withdrawals. And we get to pay it for the privilege.

It's the other great trick the devil ever pulled.

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