Monday, March 24, 2008

John Estrada Bullets Case

Seems like a pretty cut-and-dried case. Would be interesting to know how this pans out.
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Metro (as of 12:07 PM) March 24, 2008

John Estrada nabbed for carrying live bullets in NAIA

Actor John Estrada was arrested Thursday by airport police after being caught with a magazine loaded with live bullets of a 9mm pistol inside his hand carried bag while on his way to Malaysia.

Estrada, 34, was about to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 around 4 p.m. Thursday when he was stopped by members of the Aviation Security Group.

The 15 live bullets in a magazine were spotted in Estrada’s black, hand carried bag as it passed through the final X-ray machine at the airport.

ASG members asked for documents for the bullets but Estrada could not produce any.

Chief Supt. Efren Labian, ASG district commander, said Estrada would be facing violation of Presidential Decree 1866 or illegal possession of ammunition before the Pasay City Prosecutors Office.

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I got nothing against the guy, and a sordid showbiz tabloid is the last thing I want this blog to turn into, but the last two paragraphs of that news bit got me:

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Estrada previously got in trouble with the airport police when he joked about a carrying a bomb inside his baggage during his trip to General Santos City.

His bags were searched and he was held at the airport. Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao’s lawyer intervened then and negotiated for his release from detention after Estrada apologized to airport officials.

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Thought it would be nice to find out how he gets out of this one this time. Will be keeping an eye on this and posting updates as they come . Consider it a study on how the wheels of justice turn for citizens of a certain stature in this territory.

Also, a less lofty purpose of this post: I'm taking this clipmarks thing for a spin.

By the way:

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PD 1866, as amended by RA 8294 (Law on Firearms, Ammunition
and Explosives)

Violation of Sec. 1- Any person who shall unlawfully manufacture, deal in, acquire, dispose or posses any low-powered firearm such as rimfire hangun, .380 or .32 and other firearm of similar firepower, part of firearm, part of firearm, ammunition, or machinery, tool or instrument used or intended to be used in the manufacture of any low powered firearm or ammunition (1st paragraph)

Prision correctional maximum and fine of not less than P15,000.00

Amount of Bail

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