Friday, December 29, 2006

The Rockin' 30 Rock

Been watching episodes of this show -- one of the better ones to debut this 2006, rumors have it. Turning out to be true: there have been two references to the Philippines already in it's 8-episode life:

S01 E01: Jack (Alec Baldwin) tells Liz (Tina Fey, wearing a dress from the wardrobe department): "That's how you should dress for work, by the way." To which Tina retorts, "Yeah, if I was president of the Philippines!"

S01 E05: Jack introduces an old protegé who's done well for himself with his help: "Now Howard's earning seven figures and he's married to a swell Filipino gal."

It's a TV show on NBC about an SNL-like TV show on NBC, created by and starring SNL alum Tina Fey who has said she wrote the Jack character especially for Alec Baldwin, but you know that already. You also know that Baldwin's turning out to be a good bet to sweep the best TV comedy actor awards next year. You've noticed that despite the costumes and blue make-up some characters look a lot like out-of-work SNLers. You're quick to get every single inside joke.

But were you fast enough to catch all of Liz's Pros and Cons re: "Dennis The Boyfriend" in S01 E08? Well, it's your lucky day:


  • basically nice
  • takes good care of his feet
  • makes good chili
  • remembers my birthday
  • rarely wants to do it
  • is funny when he goofs on his friends
  • doesn't care about money
  • loyal
  • too lazy to cheat
  • would increase likelihood of blue-eyed kid
  • loves The Simpsons
  • has good hair
  • has already seen me throw up two times
  • fixed tv
  • Jack likes Dennis
  • not super smart
  • listens to Winger
  • dental hygiene
  • wears acid wash denim
  • always wants foot rubs
  • not much money
  • Catholic
  • doesn't like his mother
  • I don't like his mother
  • his mohter doesn't like me
  • loves Family Guy
  • reads The Post
  • insists on spending holidays with his mother
  • has already seen me throw up
  • attempted threeway
  • racist
  • wears Italian horn even though Irish
  • Jack likes Dennis
  • Dennis on Dateline
Thank you, pause button. Any questions?

PS. The list means nothing if you're yet to see the ep. But you'd want to come back when you do so email it to yourself or flag it with a bookmark. Cheers!

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