Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bowled over.

Unleaded : 35.37 / Liter
US $ 1.00: 49.04 Php

Took the Little Guy bowling today at his insistence. He's always loved knocking down stuff ever since he was old enough to knock down stuff. Bowling seemed like a natural progression.

It's the first grown-up game he's tried his hands at and he was loving it. He thought the rented shoes were a hoot. He rolled the ball a number of different ways figuring it all out and by the fourth frame he got his groove. Every throw was followed by a happy jump or two and his smile never left his face. Heck he was even smiling while waiting for his ball to come back. After 20 frames he declared himself winner scoring "three thousand sixty-six million forty eleven" pin falls. Well, he did manage two spares which was two more than what I had -- and we were playing the same lane, gutter bumpers and all.

Which reminded me of why I've never been to a bowling alley in about 15-odd years. I've always said that if my scores in bowling and golf were switched I'd be more than decent -- no, deadly-- in both sports.

But this morning, seeing the little guy do his little jig everytime he knocked a pin down also reminded me why games are played in the first place. Just one of the twenty-nine million and ninety twelve things we grown-ups can (re)learn from kids.

Too early to buy our own shoes, but I think we'll be knocking more of 'em pins down in the weekends to come. At least until his fancy turns to whacking white balls.

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