Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2007 US Open Coverage on SkyCable

Hold off that fire-and-brimstone email to SkyCable for slavishly airing basketball reruns on two different stations while ignoring the final Grand Slam of the year. There's a new channel on test broadcast called "Balls" on SkyCable Ch.33 which as I write this is showing a replay of the Nadal-Ferrer 4-setter that happened just this morning. The crawl says it's a SkyCable exclusive.

But hold off that email of appreciation as well, though. It's free now but I wouldn't put it past this operator to start charging fees or forcing us to upgrade to some sports package come the finals or semis or even quarterfinals.

So just keep both a Thank You and a Fuck You email in your Draft box until we know which one to send out in a few days.

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