Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mary Immaculate Parish Roof Drive


Anyone who's been to the Mary Immaculate Parish in Moonwalk, Las Piñas even once would be quick to agree that it made quite an impression. The tree stump pews, the capiz doves in flight and the suspended cogon/anahaw roof that practically had no walls holding it up are hard to forget. This urban oasis wasn't called the Nature Church just for the materials and decor though. Architect Bobby Mañosa's brilliant design also made minimal field impact and even integrated existing fauna into the structure.

Ironically, these same qualities rendered the church easy prey to urban hazards, a hapless victim of the very surroundings it nourished and enhanced. On New Year's Eve this year, the church was razed to the ground. A wild kwitis that had hit a tree landed on the cogon roof and lit it up like a tinderbox in the dry breeze.

We went to Mass there in early June. A spartan steel structure put up in another part of the parish grounds now serves as the place of worship while the old church is under reconstruction. After communion the priest gave an update on its fund raising drive and asked everyone present and not for more help. Click on the pic below to know how.


Tes said...

hello. the MIP Church is now up again and as majestic as ever. It was rededicated last September 8. However, it is not completely finished yet as the roof still needs the artificial fireproof anahaw to cover the coloroof and real anahaw to finish the ceiling. plus of course, audio equipment which costs a lot.

thanks for writing about it!


JdelaCruz said...

Thanks very much for the update. Wonderful news indeed! My friends who were married there but have since moved far and away will be happy to hear this as well.

Sounds like it's going to be a really merry Christmas in the parish! I hope we can visit soon. Long overdue.

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