Monday, August 06, 2007

Baguio - Manila Alternate Route

Been hearing a lot of good stuff about this other way home from Baguio. It's longer but the driving is infinitely better -- well paved roads, great scenery, proper directional signs. They say you can turn off back to the main highway at several points on the route, but for the quickest way straight to Manila follow these directions to the decimal point:

Set the odometer to 0.0 as you turn LEFT at the Binalonan Junction;
at 1.7 kms turn LEFT
at 2.3 kms turn RIGHT
at 3.0 kms turn LEFT
at 9.8 kms turn LEFT
at 17.1 kms turn RIGHT
at 21.8 kms turn RIGHT
at 30.1 kms turn LEFT to Cuyapo
at 32.5 kms turn RIGHT to Cuyapo/Guimba N. Ecija
at 62.8 kms turn RIGHT
at 74.7 kms turn LEFT via Pura
at 81.3 kms turn RIGHT
at 81.4 kms turn LEFT to Victoria
at 97.1 kms turn LEFT
at 98.5 kms turn RIGHT
at 116.9 kms turn RIGHT
at 119.9 kms turn LEFT towards Concepcion-Magalang Road
at 128.7 kms turn RIGHT to NLEX.

One more thing: they say that due to the absence of roadside assistance, this route is not to be taken at night.

Update 27 April 2008: Finally got to try out this route last week and it was all it was hyped up to be. Last Friday, the Inquirer published the route incorporating the new Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway cutting travel time by an additional 30 minutes. I posted the northbound and southbound versions of this route in diagrams. Just click the links.


Anonymous said...

hi, do you have the 'reverse' route manila to baguio odometer reading?

JdelaCruz said...

Hi, will post it here as soon as I get it from friends in the know. Thanks.

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