Thursday, February 08, 2007

Me, MD

The pedia gave me high marks today for some classy caregiver moves. See, the Little Girl had been out of sorts the past couple of days. Yesterday morning she was wincing before doing No.1 and by midday was running a fever and flat-out bawling while trying to (or not to) pee.

We'd seen this on the Little Guy before so I looked for a clean container -- a Q-tip canister did well -- cleaned it and waited. And waited. Along with a stream of tears, a stream of wee wee eventually came, some of which I caught in my waiting vial.

I rushed to the lab of a nearby hospital and had it analyzed. After an hour, suspicions were confirmed: White Blood Cells were "TNTC" (too numerous to count) and Bacteria were "Abundant".

When we went to the
duktora this morning, half her work was done. Didn't stop her from charging us full price though.

Tips on UTI:

1. The urine sample must be in the lab within 3o minutes from taking.

2. A cloudy and/or unusually smelly urine raises a flag that should be confirmed by a urinalysis.

3. Lingering in bathwater and using bubble baths can irritate the urinary tract.

4. They say drinking coconut water helps. Also cranberry juice. Neither of which appeals to the average kid.

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