Friday, February 23, 2007

Globelines Broadband

My Globe Broadband account it 18 days old. Advertised speed is 1Mbps. Rate is cheaper than PLDT by P500 per month. A wireless modem router with 4 LAN slots was supplied along with promises of product superiority and service better than hell-born PLDT.

I'm experiencing intermittent, unstable connections I'd say about 20% of the time. There have been websites that would take a particularly long time to load if at all. But now it's only Yahoo! (my homepage at that) that's consistently "not found". I have no idea why. My torrent speeds are the same as what I had with PLDT. The connection speed in general is in the 330 to 380 range, with the fastest clocked at 432 Kbps, a bit faster than PLDT.

I had no internet at all the entire Sunday. I called Monday and had to wait 28 minutes to talk to a human. The fellow was eager to help but was not able to solve the problem with a reset at his end. I called Tuesday and waited for 24 minutes for a human. Couldn't do anything else at his end so he scheduled a site visit the next day at around 10am or past 5pm. The next day at 5:15 pm, Globe guys came and fixed the connection inside their hub at the lamppost outside. Connected again. State of connection: see par. 2 .

I'm willing to consider all this as birthing pains, as Globe installed their infrastructure in our area just this month. I'll give it a couple more weeks to get its act together before I concede Globe is just plain old hell-born PLDT on the cheap.

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