Sunday, October 01, 2006

Good Luck, Bad Luck

Unleaded : P40.87 / Liter
USD 1.00 : 50.21 Php

Hit a rough patch recenlty so I haven't been here.

Two weeks ago I queued up at an ATM in SM Mega. Wanted to get my card ready before my turn was up so I pulled out my wallet. But before I could open it, the guy ahead finished up and the machine was free. I stepped up to use it and scoured my wallet for the card. I fanned out all the plastic, no ATM card. Before I could do a thorough search, the security guard tapped my arm, handed me an ATM card and said, "Sir, senyo ito?"

"Uy, thank you," I said, "nahulog ko ba?" thinking I had dropped it when I pulled out my wallet.

"Hindi ho, naiwan nyo dyan sa ATM last week. Tinago ko ho baka sakaling bumalik kayo."

It took me a few seconds to realize what he was saying and to appreciate my unbelievable luck -- I didn't even know I had lost my ATM card, and now it was being handed to me just as I noticed it was missing. Wow!

Imagine all the aggravation I was spared from. Imagine the cosmic confluence that took place in that 4-foot square spot at that moment. Imagine . . . the backlash this kind of good luck would wreak in the balance of things.

As I walked out that booth, I just knew the yang was coming at me soon after this ying. And true enough it happened few days later. I won't go into details so as not to disrupt the process of suppression going on in my head right now, but suffice it to say it's going to cost me five figures (at least), a massive rebuilding of my crumbled self-confidence, and the mockery of my friends if they ever find out.

Rather disproportionate, no? Story of my life.

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