Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DZRJ SuperSession 25 October 2008

If you're a regular DZRJ listener (100.3 RJFM or 105.9 RJUR), you probably have the radio ads coming out of your ears by now. And you're probably excited for Saturday as much for the gig as for the end of the hard-sell.

I was on the phone this morning with a friend who's well-connected with the event and I got some juicy inside info:

  • Young virtuoso and RJ guitar academy alum Daniel Crisologo has the honor of playing the National Anthem
  • At one point in the concert there will be 13 axes ripping away onstage.
  • Drummers include Zach Lucero, Wendel Garcia, and a really gorgeous, bitchin' beaut who's said to have once had Gary Perez so smitten and heartbroken, he's gone straight to rehab.
  • Speaking of drummers, the late great Bosyo Fortuno will be represented by his widow Emee in the roster.
  • Raimund Marasigan (who preferred being billed as "of Sandwich, Pedicab and Cambio" rather than Eraserheads) utterly refused to sing "Pare Ko" at first but couldn't bear to hear RJ murder the song so he's stepping up to the plate. I think that's worth the price of admission right there. See rehearsal video here (be warned: it's awful).
  • Buddy Zabala and Jett Pangan will not be there because of a schedule conflict resulting from a sponsor conflict. At first, they couldn't do the gig because a rival of a product they endorse was a sponsor. When everything was cleared for them to play, they had already been booked for an out-of-town gig.
  • Another no-show: Jun Lopito, due to a logistical snafu.
  • Ely Buendia would have been there had the organizers been able to afford his P60,000 asking price.
  • Arnel Pineda might be around, but he will not sing due to contract restrictions.
  • All action will be staged on a truck that's been wheeled in the venue to get the feel of those parking lot gigs of old.
  • Lastly, headliner Pepe Smith has been sequestered this early to make sure he'll be there come Saturday, able to play or at least be in an upright position.



Anonymous said...

hahaha! too funny, but true..
man if i can only open my friggin mouth about the whole spectacle..

Anonymous said...

basically everything is true except for the tsismis that Raimund agreed to sing Pare kp because RJ murdering the song.... sorry but this is FALSE .. there was no plan for RJ to sing it. The organizers really wanted Raims to sing it but he refused. The organizers thought that it might be because of copyright issue. The organizers called BMG and they cleared but still Raims refused. The organizers said that the refusal of Raims might be personal so they respected Raims decision. So the organizers recruited Aia De Leon to do it...... but as RJ and Raims were talking over beer during the 2nd rehearsal... RJ was surprised when Raims agreed to sing Eheads songs... to the delight of everybody.... As a matter of fact Raims agreed to do frums for Muli and hele hele ka pa...2 songs of RJ

Anonymous said...

Also not true, Gary Perez being driven to rehab because of some drummer girl.. he was driven to rehab because of the booze..
I mean the drummer girl is good, but she is not THAT good..

JdelaCruz said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Appreciate your pointing out the inaccuracies and setting the record straight.

You all seem to be on the inside track and know a whole lot more. So why don't you make things more interesting and just spill the beans right here! Don't worry, it will be our little secret. Nobody reads this blog I assure you. :D

Anonymous said...

another inside track..... Bob Magoo was trying his best to emcee the night but one of the key perdonnel in the staff of RJ Objected

Anonymous said...

hahhahahahah tsimisan blues dito ah

Anonymous said...

The "Pare Ko" Rehearsal wasn't that bad...

Anonymous said...

wow! the concert was awesome!! i heard jack tv's going to air the show in a couple of weeks.

by the way, i know one of the organizers and from what i know, bob magoo was in no way interested in the event (organizing, hosting, etc). emcees were jocks from both RJ FM stations.

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