Friday, September 12, 2008

Disco Next You Notice

MYX has been playing Pupil's "Disconnection Notice" in heavy rotation these days along with the (thre)e-heads post-concertus interruptus interview. Empirical data: of the 10 or 12 times I surfed through last weekend, I saw the interview three times and Pupil twice. This channel knows the iron is hot.

Anvil Publishing on the other hand seems to be oblivious to the heat. I called to ask if they have any plans of running another print (printing another run?) of Fruitcake the book which has been out of print for ages. They said they're still "studying how to repackage it." Why they need to repackage it, who knows. These people should take a page from Sony BMG who lost no time re-issuing the entire eheads catalogue right after reunion rumors started to build up. Good news for people who could only afford cassettes in the 90s. Plus, the cds are actually cheaper now than they were then. I bought me a few copies of Fruitcake to send to friends and family who have since bailed out of Pinas. Yep, those in the First World will be getting digital Fruitcake for Christmas from the Third World.

Speaking of disconnection, I called my cable company to tell them I haven't received any bill from them since March. Turns out they've disconnected me since April. That's according to their records, they tell me. This was news to me and I thought, What?! You disconnected me without notice?! But then I thought, If that's what you think you've done, who am I to tell you otherwise.


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