Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Globe goes Boom.

So the New People's Army just blew up another one of Globe's cell sites, this time in Iloilo for its refusal pay "revolutionary taxes" or in plain English, extortion money. "We only pay taxes to the government," its spokesman said. According to the company, its facilities all over the country have suffered more than 50 attacks from communist guerrillas over the years.

The way it's taken the heat for standing up against enemies of the state, Globe should get a citation from the government of some sort, like the corporate equivalent of the Medal of Honor. Or a tax break. Seriously now.

Meanwhile, what do the spankingly untouched facilities of Smart imply?

Maybe it's time each of us took a good look at the cell provider we're giving our business to and consider who they're doing (or refusing to do) business with.

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